Chris Lang is an advisor to commercial property investors, sell-out author and regular speaker on how to invest in commercial property.

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Chris Lang

12 November 2012

The seven benefits of having the right property manager for your commercial property investment

The seven benefits of having the right property manager for your commercial property investment

You’re excited, having just purchased a commercial property investment. But what happens from here on effectively determines just how profitable your acquisition will be.

Therefore, choose wisely when selecting your property managers to ensure they share the same aspirations as you do.

1. Maintaining full occupancy

This is what every commercial property investor wants, and it should also be the same for your property manager.

Clearly, the starting point is taking the time and effort to select solid tenants upfront — rather than simply "filling the space". Plus it's important for you to retain a good ongoing relationship with those tenants, which leads on to the next benefit.

2. Having an investor mindset

As investors, you need to think of your tenants as your partners. After all, they are the ones paying your mortgage.

Therefore, top property managers tend to act as though each property was their own. And this attitude flows through to your tradespeople as well — because when promptly paid, they will always respond quickly to any emergencies that may arise.

3. Timeliness

Naturally, this would include ensuring your tenants pay on time. And if not, having a firm but fair system in place to get things back on track.

Once your rentals are in, those cleared funds need to be immediately transferred into your bank account – and you're then alerted by email.

4. Preserving value

You need to have an ongoing preventative maintenance program in place. The reasons why are quite simple:

  • These costs are then known and budgetable;
  • Your tenants should cover these costs under their leases;
  • If not, the items are tax-deductible, instead of a capital cost.

By being planned in advance, it means you are able to select the best tradespeople at the best prices. Plus, your property is being inspected on a regular basis.


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