Nicola Trotman | 14 December 2012

Christmas trees for trendy space-conscious apartment dwellers

Christmas trees for trendy space-conscious apartment dwellers
Christmas tree

It's no secret that apartments are becoming smaller, so if you’re finding it difficult to locate a spot for a Christmas tree, or are allergic to the smell of pine, here’s a solution.

It's all the rage in the big cities of the United States. As Christmas is only days away, the American websites most likely won't be able to deliver on time, but you may be able to grab a last minute one from Australian store Vinyl Design.

It's a modern twist on Christmas ornaments, creating Christmas tree wall decals. 

The vinyl wall decals only take minutes to apply to your wall and then you’re free to decorate as you please.

Taking up zero space and causing no damage to your apartment walls, these modern tree decals are affordable for $45 from the handmade marketplace Etsy.

There is a choice of 14 colours and the standard tree is 92 centimetres high, however there is a choice to customise your own.

Once Christmas is over, you simply peel the decal of,f with no time consuming packing up of Christmas decorations.

It seems that the trend of Christmas tree wall decals hasn't quite caught on yet in Australia and majority of the stores are based internationally.

Other ideas for those conscious of space include DIY trees like a bookshelf tree and a post-it-note tree.

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