Jonathan Chancellor | 11 November 2012

Half-hearted 5.6% annual price growth on the Vaucluse harbourfront

The Vaucluse harbourfront reserve home of Prudence MacLeod, the oldest child of Rupert Murdoch, and her husband, Alasdair, has been reportedly sold.

The quaint Carrara Road property sold quietly last week through McGrath Estate Agents for about $13.25 million in an off-market deal.

The three-storey residence, which sits on a 1,060 square metre holding, last traded in 2002 for $7.5 million. Its price growth over the decade reflected a mild 5.6% annual growth rate. Its growth in the immediately prior five-year sales period had reflected 10.6% annual growth.

Prudence MacLeod's mother, Patricia, was Rupert Murdoch's first wife, whose marriage to him ran from 1956 to 1966.

Another Vaucluse sale was secured for the more glamorous offering of the globetrotting interior designer Serena Crawford and her husband, Murray, whose Hopetoun Avenue residence sold through Alison Coopes for about $5.5 million.

The architect Bruce Stafford remodelled the three-level house after it cost $4.29 million in 2009.

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