Alistair Walsh | 7 November 2012

Feng shui expert guides construction of Warburton home on Grand Designs' November 8 episode

Feng shui expert guides construction of Warburton home on Grand Designs' November 8 episode

The questionable benefits of employing feng shui experts for a building project will be explored in tonight’s episode of Grand Designs.

In episode 4, couple Tyrone and Hailey follow the guidance of a feng shui expert and so-called energy ecologist throughout the construction of their Warburton home, 65 kilometres north-east of Melbourne.

Their property, Arch House, is a passive solar construction with a curved living roof planted with native grasses.

The couple are building their house around the concrete former reservoir that supplied water to the township.

The reservoir is on 1.4-hectare property on a hill covered in chestnut and olive trees.

They originally planned to build the house cantilevered over the concrete dam, but the feng shui expert advised against it.

The feng shui expert advises throughout the project, including testing radioactive gas levels in the stone used in the construction.

Partway through the project Tyrone starts to express his doubts over the benefits of employing a feng shui expert.

The couple also have the property blessed by a Buddhist monk.

The property is designed by Soft Loud House architects, who describe it as a seven-star, rendered ICF earth-sheltered house using local stone and passive design principles, including a ground linked heat pump and hydro power generator.

They began construction on the project in 2010.

According to RP Data the median house price in Warburton is $260,000. Prices dropped 17.1% in the last year but have increased 11.8% over the past five years.

The median rent is $288 per week.

Nearby a two-storey mud brick construction on 3.6 hectares by the Yarra River is listed at $550,000.

And a three-bedroom weatherboard home on 3.2 hectares in the hills is listed for $660,000.

Last week’s episode featured a hobby farm in Balnarring.

Tonight’s episode airs on the Lifestyle Channel at 8.30pm.

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