Jonathan Chancellor | 21 February 2013

Actor Madeleine West secures $500,000 Richmond apartment sale

Actor Madeleine West secured $500,000 for her redundant Richmond apartment which she bought towards the conclusion of her four year role as Dione Bliss on Neighbours.

It's the second successful property transaction in the month for West, who also sold the Kensington family home she shares with chef Shannon Bennett.

The two-bedroom, art deco-style apartment cost $297,000 in 2003. It had fetched $132,000 in 1994.  

Its Hocking Stuart Richmond agent Daniel Atsis was quoting $450,000 to $490,000 during the recent marketing campaign.

The ground floor Lennox Street apartment features, thanks to Bennett's role as an ambassador for Miele, some impressive kitchen appliances.

Their Kensington property sold after being listed with price hopes of $1.5 million to $1.65 million was even more of  a chef’s dream.

The reason behind the listings came evident when it emerged the chef Shannon Bennett and his wife, Madeleine West, had snapped up an 1881 South Yarra property last December.



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