Stewart Bunn | 20 November 2012

How to best sell your home in summer

Selling a home in summer can be tricky for some but rewarding for many. But it all comes down to getting the details right.

Pretty gardens, spectacular views and a well-presented home will only go so far, especially in a market where buyers would rather be relaxing with a cool drink instead of house-hunting in the heat.

It is essential home buyers price their properties correctly, choose the most appropriate sale method and market it appropriately. Real estate agents can make a lot of difference here, as they have the necessary knowledge and experience to maximise the value of your property.

When it came to pricing the property, home owners need to consider the market and buying conditions.

Summer is a time when buyer numbers plateau – particularly during the holiday period – but the current market conditions of low interest rates and affordable prices will prove too tempting for many to pass up.

So it requires real skill to set the price at a realistic level where both the buyer and seller feel comfortable that they have paid and received a fair price.

One of the biggest dilemmas summer sellers face is whether to go to auction or sell their house through private treaty. In making this decision, there are a number of factors that should be considered such as location, style of property, level of demand and timing of the sale.

Private treaty sales offer the advantage of a clearly stated price. This can be powerfully attractive to buyers who sell their property just prior to Christmas and are facing settlement in early January.


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