Alistair Walsh | 9 May 2013

New listings in Sydney drop 9.3% over the year: RP Data

New listings in Sydney drop 9.3% over the year: RP Data

The number of new house listings in Sydney has dropped 9.3% over the last 12 months, according to RP Data.

There were 6,757 new listings in the last 12 months bringing the total number of listings to 28,484 - down 9.8% over the year.

Meanwhile, in Melbourne, new listings are up 5.3% over the year, with 8,219 additions. Total listings are up 9.2% over the year to 39,985 - the highest for any capital city.

In Darwin new listings increased 16% to 319 listings - the biggest increase for all the capital cities.

The total number of listings in Brisbane has dropped 14% over the last 12 months, with 9.2% fewer new listings this year.



A new listing is one which has not been advertised for sale over the past 6 months. Total listings include new listings and properties which have been previously advertised.

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