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Jo Chivers

8 November 2012

A dual-occupancy development project, from slab to kitchen

A dual-occupancy development project, from slab to kitchen

As project managers, one of our roles is to report to our clients on the progress of their project.  We do this each Friday in a formal written report with photos. The report system proves to be a good record of progress and what happened throughout the project. Our clients get to keep the reports of course and they act as a handy reference tool, giving a snapshot of their project at every stage.

I thought it would make for interesting reading to take some extracts from our weekly client reports on this dual-occupancy project that we have recently completed in the Hunter region of NSW.

The project can be described as: source development site (corner block in Maitland, NSW), design, plan and build two free-standing three-bedroom, two-bathroom, single-storey villas and a two-lot Torrens title subdivision.

You’ll get a taste of the process we managed during this development.

We pick up the story after the client has her construction finance approved and is ready to start building.  There was obviously a few months of work prior to this where we found the development site, a corner block in a new estate. We then managed the design and planning phase, and here we are starting the contraction phase:

25/5/12 - The site has been cut and the plumbers are on site preparing plumbing before the slab goes down.

1/6/12 - The slab was poured yesterday on unit 2, and unit 1 is formed up ready to go. See photos below of the concreters working on finishing the slab on unit 2 and the “waffle pods” (polystyrene foam blocks) used in the engineering of the slab. Once the slab is complete, our builder will send through their first progress claim.

8/6/12 - The slabs were completed during the week and the frames have been started (yesterday). There was a lot of rain during the week so unfortunately there had been no progress when we were on site this week.

By the end of next week, we expect the frames to be completed and the roof trusses to be up. Things are moving along well despite the recent weather.

15/6/12  - Frames and trusses are now up and the windows were being installed this week. The site has been affected by weather; however our builder has managed to continue without really any delay.


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