Nicola Trotman | 28 November 2012

For that lick of paint: Cost guide to give your investment property a makeover

For that lick of paint: Cost guide to give your investment property a makeover

Investors wanting bang for their buck when remodeling their investment property ought to paint the place to get the cheapest of makeovers.

Interior painting of the walls and ceilings of a two-bedroom apartment come in at $1,500, according to the Australian Services Buyers Guide 2012.

The guide by gives customers an idea of how much money home renovation costs to possibly avoid overpriced quotes from tradespeople.

The guide offers pricing for the measured completion of tasks ranging from interior painting to plumbing, the most expensive of tasks.

Exterior painting comes in first place for the cheapest trade service, with an average quote of $40 per hour including paint.

Interior painting is slightly more expensive than exterior painting, with an average quote of painting the walls and ceilings of a two-bedroom apartment being $1,500.

The walls of a small two-bedroom unit could cost as little as $430.

An average job for exterior painting includes the painting of a 24-square-metre deck and awning and has quote price of $1,200.

Interior painting could cost $4,700 for the painting of a four-bedroom townhouse with its exterior painting possibly costing $3,300.

According to the guide, NSW offers the best bang for a buck, with the cheapest quotes from painters. 

Victorians on average pay $400 more per task than their NSW counterparts, with prices starting at $1,700 for a one-bedroom apartment.

The Sunshine Coast is the most expensive, with painting a one-bedroom apartment costing $1,870, however a job with three bedrooms will get you a better deal.

Quotes are generally consistent among states, however for a more precise quote, you simply need to write a job description and sit back and wait for the quotes to roll in.

Tiling ties with painting for the cheapest service, with customers paying an average of $40 per square metre excluding materials.

The minimum job quoted for tiling a small outdoor area of six square metres was $250.

The tiling of a 20-square-metre outdoor balcony area is listed as an average job with a likely quote of $500.

The tiling rates in New South Wales are 5% more than the national average of $40 per square metre, and Victorians can expect to pay $45, an increase of 12.5%.

However, the guide says that New South Wales and Victoria property owners pay less than Queenslanders when charged by task.


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