Jonathan Chancellor | 3 February 2013

Extra bedroom advantage set to rock The Block All Stars to its Bondi foundations

Extra bedroom advantage set to rock The Block All Stars to its Bondi foundations

The familiar contestant couples returning tonight to the all-star realty renovation television series The Block pretty much knew what they had signed up for.

After all twists and turns have been the staple of all five prior series since its stellar 2003 launch.

But one Fairfax Media reporter invited to the set midway through filming the latest renovation series noted the contestant couples were in various states of meltdowns.

"Several were close to breaking point," the Fairfax Media report said.

It was because one  couple appeared to have quietly installed "an extension" while rebuilding their 1910s cottage on Tasman Street in hillside Bondi.

"One couple, who we won't name here, appeared to have developed a slight advantage by quietly building an internal extension," it's been reported by The Age television reporters Paul Kalina and Andrew Murfett, the soon to depart Green Guide editor.

"Its reveal will certainly be a bombshell moment," the article suggested.

Property Observer - who has not been inside - understands it's a possible third bedroom. All the three other contestant couples stuck with the two-bedroom plan.

(Spoiler alert – couple named at bottom of story).

"It's very teary, very cranky, very competitive," acknowledges the series host Scott Cam in his pre-launch publicity spiel.

The contestants  Phil and Amity (season one), Mark and Duncan (season three), Josh and Jenna (season four) and Dan and Dani (season five) get a second chance to take out the big prize as the series returns to its Bondi roots while restoring four heritage cottages.

"I started out as a young bloke cutting my teeth on heritage houses and I swore I would never, ever do it again," host Scott Cam says.

"[Each house] needs to feel like a brand new house, just like in 1910."

Phil and Amity

Phil and Amity appeared in the initial 2003 series at Bondi Beach – taking home a $60,000 profit, despite coming fourth.

Mark and Duncan

Mark and Duncan in 2010, who came to be known as the Two Fat Tradies, struggled with styling in 2010. Like Phil and Amity, they also finished fourth, splitting $47,000 between them after the Vaucluse renovation.

Josh and Jenna

Josh and Jenna, when they appeared in the Richmond cottage series in 2011, were the youngest couple to ever appear in the series. They still hold the record for the most Room Reveal wins in The Block's 10-year history.

Dan and Dani

Dan and Dani are fresh from their appearance in the 2012 South Melbourne terrace house renovation series.


Host Scott Cam sent interesting signals in his pre-launch pressers when he reckoned Phil and Amity might be "out of their depth", young Melburnians Dan, Dani, Josh and Jenna are "as competitive as ever," and tradies Mark and Duncan are "a bit out-there."

Property Observer actually understands it's Phil and Amity with the third bedroom option, which might overcome any decor failings in attracting greater buyer interest than the traditional two bedders of their three rivals.

Additionally, Phil and Amity appear to have the best cottage in the row of four, i.e., the one with the most northern sunshine.


When Property Observer joined the ever-growing crowds out front taking a look at the four offerings, the Adelaide-based couple were in residence with their children.

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