Jonathan Chancellor | 14 November 2012

Equititrust's Mark McIvor self-publishes a novella to set the record straight

The founder of collapsed Gold Coast mortgage fund manager Equititrust, Mark McIvor, has self-published a novella in which he plays the hero ... to set the record straight.

The 62-page part allegory, part autobiographical work, is titled Strange Animals Come Down to Drink.

It was also intended to be anonymous, according to BRW magazine reporter Leo D'Angelo Fisher, who came into possession of a copy.

“To my surprise I have discovered a writer within,” said Mark McIvor in a letter to supporters.

He headed Equititrust whose two principal funds were wound up by the Queensland Supreme Court in November 2011 after the commercial property downturn that followed the global financial crisis. Leaving 1,400 investors, mainly retirees, in the ensuing legal maze, there was some $550 million in funds under management.

Just recently McIvor has attempted to launch a boutique bank, Mi Citizens Union, issuing an information memorandum offering shareholders a stake in a partner-owned mutual investment banking group under the Mi Guardian Fiduciary banner. 


“I have purposefully written this story under a non [sic] de plume. It has been my historical preference to eschew public attention. However, these issues are so grave I am obliged to ‘shout from the rooftops’.”

The identities of the players in McIvor’s dramatic corporate saga are disguised with characters including Bully Raconteur, Mr Suntan Man, King Con, Deer in the Headlights, Mr Baklava, King Reptile, the Bumbling Bureaucrat and Grubby Journo.

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