Jessie Richardson | 23 July 2014

Terry Ryder's 20 reasons the country's property boom isn't over

Terry Ryder's 20 reasons the country's property boom isn't over

In his latest Ryder Report, regular observer Terry Ryder takes on the so called "national property boom".

Unlike some other property commentators, Ryder doesn't believe Australia is in the grips of an emerging bubble or boom. Here are his 20 reasons why the country's boom isn't over yet.

1. "There is no national boom"

For the market to bust, there would have to be a boom, and Ryder doesn't think we have one - outside of Sydney, anyway. He's previously criticised media outlets and institutions like the Reserve Bank of Australia for focusing too much on Sydney's market when generating national commentary.

2. "Sydney still has momentum"

According to Ryder, any claims that Sydney's boom is over is "based on a single month's data", a criticism he's stated before. He says: "buoyancy remains in Sydney's market".

3. "Melbourne still has momentum"

Ryder says that a growing number of Melbourne suburbs are seeing rising sales activity, with even greater price rises likely to come.

4. "Brisbane just starting to rise"

While the other Eastern Seaboard capitals are yet to reach their peak, Ryder says Brisbane is just getting started. "Brisbane is well behind Sydney in the current cycle and is only beginning its upward movement," says Ryder. He predicts prices will rise this year.

5. "Adelaide poised to grow"

Ryder believes Adelaide "will be the surprise performer of 2014," with increasing sales activity across the city.

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