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Jonathan Chancellor

7 May 2018

MAFS for property: Buying Blind to take property television to new lows

MAFS for property: Buying Blind to take property television to new lows

Shaynna Blaze will front Nine’s silly new property series Buying Blind.

The show features buyers who hand over their life-savings to others to secure their home.

Buying Blind was originally aired on Danish television - made by the same production company behind the Married At First Sight.

The Block/Selling Houses Australia expert will be joined by buyer’s agent, Rich Harvey and builder, Marshal Keen.

Some have dubbed it Mortgage at First Sight.

“Buying a home is the biggest investment a couple will ever make together, so I couldn’t be more excited to join these couples on their journey to find, build and design their dream home,” said Blaze.

Nine’s Head of Content Production and Development, Adrian Swift, said the show had "unlucky house-hunters who take the ultimate leap of faith".

It’s marketed as edge-of-the-seat drama with the biggest reveal on TV.

Mark Fennessy, CEO of Endemol Shine Australia, the series producers says Buying Blind is a high-stakes property thriller.

An airdate is yet to be announced.

The show's moment of truth comes when the family must decide whether to grant the experts power of attorney over their life-savings to buy a house on their behalf.

The experts then start house-hunting, culminating in them putting in an offer, negotiating the price and completing the purchase.

Then the family are taken to the property, blindfolded, and their new house is revealed to them for the first time.

Disappointment often ensues; and then the experts spend some of the client's money for renovations.