Property Observer | 14 December 2016

Organise your move

Organise your move

Moving? We've got you covered

Moving home is an exciting time – and we’re about to make it more exciting. Calling around all the different power, gas, broadband, landline phone and PayTV providers can be quite time consuming – so we’re here to give you back your time, best of all it’s a free service.

Our team of professional Movologists will take care of connecting your new property’s utility and home services at once, and it won’t cost you a cent. Start filling out your details below and we’ll get started on your move.


About the Property Observer moving service – powered by Movinghub

How it works:

  1. Select the utilities you want connected

  2. Give us a few details about yourself and your new address

  3. Submit your application online

  4. A professional Movologist will give you a call to discuss the plans and services available at your new property and set you up

Our commitment to you:

  • A fast, free and reliable moving service Australia wide

  • Utilities and services covering power, gas, LPG, broadband, landline phone and PayTV

  • Dedicated Movologist team on hand to manage your move